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Ambiance 88 is a venue located at Trinity House, Dorchester. We sever Hong Kong style street food, dim sum, bubble tea, handmade bakery, tea & coffee, cocktails and live entertainment, with the motive of to bring community closer and support independent artists. With a backyard full of potential opening in Spring which would be called the Avant-Garden.

We are not just another cocktail bar.

We are creating a unique and homely spot with great ambience for all age ranges of locals and travelers of Dorset.

Ambience is a concept combining fusion food culture, art, fashion, music, lifestyle, and more; but also a stage for young talents, independent artists, or businesses to showcase with our platform and community.

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"Viva la Vida", Spanish for 'Long Live Life' , The Life Lives.

We are a group of an 80's/ 90s who love and are proud to be based in the county town of Dorset - Dorchester.
Passion and ambition drive us to bring new energy and entertainment to our community.

We are surrounded by creative minds, artists, spaces and resources, Why do we search elsewhere or big cities?

We hope to create the opportunities and a stage on our front door. We dream to bring the community closer.

Our location on Trinity House in Dorchester is for the dreamers. The future for us looks like:
Live entertainment; street food, cocktails;
podcast studio, live streaming & music production studio;

graphic & fashion design studio.
Our vision is to form a creative capital for young talent in Dorset

ABOUT: About
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